EMEE Frost Protection Switch EMEE Frost Protection Switch EMEE Frost Protection Switch

Frost Protection Switch
Designed & manufactured by EMEE

The EMEE Frost Protection Switch has been developed specifically for New Zealand conditions. Prevent Low temperatures (Frost) damage to your equipment. Protecting Pumps, Pipes, Tanks and motors all winter long.


This unit is specifically designed to switch (On or Off) a heat lamp or heater up to 2kw or 10 amps at 230 Volts AC 50Hz or 1.3 kW 5 amps at 110 Volts AC 60Hz.

Fixed switching (On) takes place between plus 2 to 3 Deg Centigrade decreasing and turns off on a rising temperature of round plus 5 Deg Centigrade.

The unit will remain in the Off position whilst the temperature remains above 5 Deg C.

The unit’s internal construction is made from proven modern sensitive and approved components applied to a professionally made printed circuit board. Housed in a flame retardant ABS plastic enclosure (material carries a UL flammability rating of 94V-0)


Simply connect (plug-in) unit to an AC 3 pin outlet and then “piggy back” the controlled appliance to the outlet side of the connection plug. Turn on the unit and leave. 24/7 Operation. Power saving.

It is advised to place the unit within an area where it will sense the ambient surrounding temperature but not covered.


The temperature sensing is within the unit enclosure and is governed by the surrounding ambient temperature of where the unit is installed. Do not have the unit placed near the heating device that it is to control.


To test the output operation simply press and hold the Red Test Button on the left side of the unit. This will over-ride the internal temperature sensing therefore turning on the Heat Lamp or other controlled devices attached.

When the LED Indicator is bright this shows that the unit has switched the Female part (output) of the 3 pin plug on.


This unit has a total replacement 3-year warranty against workmanship and internal parts.

The warranty does not cover abuse, immersion in any liquid, overloading or being connected to a power source other than as stated above.


This unit has been tested by a NZ Approved Testing Laboratory. The unit’s components comply for safe use. Specific detail and report is available on request.

North American Specifications

Unit Technical information and North American Specifications (PDF).

EMME History
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