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EMME History
Electical Engineering in NZ

Echo Mechanical and Electrical Engineering was established in New Zealand in 1975 as a Limited Liability Company for the purposes of servicing the precision speed control of machinery and process control industries. Especially the control of generating plant, power management equipment together with ship engine controls and Bituminous Roading Machinery.

Since then, the company has expanded its market to supply and service the whole of Australasia and the South Pacific Region.

The further development over the past eight years has involved the adaption of computers, to interface to our equipment and the development of specialised software to suit applications. Because of the nature of modern technology, being updated and improved at such a phenomenal rate throughout the world, our company has made a dedicated commitment to keeping up with that technology and adapting our product to correspond with it.

The Company employs skilled staff, along with outside contractors who are resourced when necessary. Our staff and contractors are specialists in the areas of Computer Programming, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Our small team of personnel work together to provide to our customers a product that is of the highest quality and a service that is second to none.

Echo Mechanical and Electrical Engineering's main principals include Woodward Governor Company (Channel Partner), Dynalco Controls, Garmin GPS Products.

Clients include New Zealand Defence Force, Downer EDI Works, Fulton Hogan, Fonterra, ABB, Contact Energy, Mighty River Energy, Discovery Cruises, Department of Island Affairs and other Australasian Corporations, TV and Radio Companies, Transport Operators, Local Government and Government Departments.


EMEE Bitumen Sprayer

Bitumen Sprayer Control SystemsDesigned and manufactured by EMEE

EMEE's Bitumen Sprayer Control Systems use the most up to date computer hard and software technology together with the latest electronic componentry to monitor a wide range of functions, including optimum engine and pump speed control for maximum bitumen application efficiency. Bitumen and road temperature as well as pressure, product level together with rate and distance travelled are monitored to give accurate applications.

All of the above parameters are controlled through a main console situated in the cab of the machine. The console is connected to precision electronic governors which are attached to the engine and hydraulic system. Further control of a nominated number of spray bar taps allows 'tapering' on either side of the spray bar. The operator then has many options from which to choose when applying bitumen to the road. This makes road making not only more efficient but also safer for workers as previous to this technology being developed, small strips or widening would have had to be done manually. i.e. Hand Lancing

Another advantage of having the sprayer electronically monitored is that all applications are fully recorded automatically by the emee Q.A computerised control system and data logging system. Usually collating information would be extremely labour intensive as everything would have to be recorded manually. With the emee Q.A system makes it effortless and it comes with a portable A4 printer which prints out all accumulated readings to the contractors individual requirement, inside the cab of the machine. This is the most efficient way possible of recording applications and it eliminates human error as all of the recordings are electronic. It is also easy to decipher and hand on to the client for reference. Management can make extensive use of Downloaded information from their main PC for the purposes of machine calibration and efficiency. This information can also be used as an overall assessment and for total record of the contract activities.

Software is customised to customer's requirement

  • Unit "downloads" data directly to most spreadsheet and data base programs
  • Can be fitted to any kind or type of vehicle
  • Unit has proven history of reliability and accuracy
  • Fully warranted

Road Fault Data Logger Handheld fault logger

EMEE's Road Fault Data Logger is a handheld computer which may be installed into any vehicle and used to record faults on the road. The Psion handheld computer has the sophistication and power of a modern computer. It is straight forward to operate and complies to year 2000 requirements.

EMEE pre-programmes the Prion specifically for individual customers needs. The operator then uses codes to record the time, date, type and location of faults in the road on inspection. Either a portable printer is used to download the information or it can be saved to be downloaded from a main PC or network and printed out later. Another excellent feature of this product is that it is compatible with most spreadsheet and database programmes.

RFL Objective and Purpose

The Road Fault Logger (RFL) concept was conceived for the purposes of obtaining accurate and precise information pertaining to road faults on State Urban and Rural highways using a hand held computer with a purpose built interface for vehicle use.

The unit retains information to a electronic disk and when requested can be attached very simply to a PC for downloading. The Download process is very fast and requires very little skill by the operator to carry out.

  • Connection to the PC is via the RS-232 cable and comms port.
  • The information is usually accessed by Excel Lotus or any compatible Spreadsheet software.
  • The operator is able to Upload new or adjusted information in respect to Contract Description and other detail pertaining to his requirement. This allows privacy and security of this information.
  • The equipment used is of proprietary manufacture and carries a complete warranty. It is very compact and can withstand normal shock and vibration together being partially shower proof.
  • The Software is backed by the manufacture and upgrades are supplied usually free of charge.
  • Simple screen menu's allow fast entry of data and accessibility of procedures.
  • Many of our customers require special purpose units and to this end we have specialised software that allows manipulation and to enable other functions.
  • An example is that 'Surface Types' may need to be entered or even a quick access to a 'Locations' file may be requested. This gives the operator a fast means of entry input.

Other activities can also be implemented at our customers request. References are available of other end users of this equipment.


  • The unit is very popular for the assistance it can give in collation of information as required by a contractor or consultant. The software is usually customised to client's request and is very user friendly, having simple menu input.
  • From within the software program necessary features (together with many others) include "on-job" editing and other "shortcut" activities which assist the user. "Ramm" identification and other parameters such as "SLK," "ERP," "Chainage," etc. have also been recognised within the construction of the software.
  • One of the greatest advantages the unit has is the ability to "download" and "upload" information to the office computer or to a company's network. This saves a lot of precious man hours and assures the accuracy of tabulated information.
  • "On-job" budgeting is another important feature of the Road Fault Logger and is very useful in the assessment of general road fault and damage.
  • All of the information tabulated is accessible for editing from within a spreadsheet or database program giving presentable and easily interpreted formatted documentation.

Latest Concept

Of recent we have upgraded the system to incorporate GPS Co-ordinates. This has proved to more simplify the process of data acquisition and give better precision to fault finding and locations. It is also compatabe to the Ramm system currently used in NZ.

This latest concept can use either a Hand-Held or a Dedicated GPS Receiver. The former being of further use for other than RFL activities. This latest concept has eleminated the use for dedicated vehicle interfacing allowing for any vehicle or "Walk-about" activity making this unit completley self-sufficient. Our other concepts use this latest technology as well.

EMEE Data Logger

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